Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A week on the trail

We conquered it! All 42 miles of the Appalachian Trail in the state of Maryland has been hiked by some very brave women. The beginning was probably the worst for our little group. The rocks near the head of the trail, just outside of Pen-Mar Park, MD weren't your everyday rocks. These gave a new meaning to the word "rocks".  Actually, the term "boulder field scramble" most accurately described the challenge we faced right out of the gate.

Trail to High Rock

And of course, it was all uphill.

The second day in, we had rain. And boy did it rain! Tropical Storm Andrea was passing thru on the East coast and we hiked through it, for almost two days. We stayed in shelters two nights to prevent things from becoming wetter.  We did manage to dry out, take hot showers and have a great meal at an historic inn along with way.  We saw lots of historic areas and some interesting wildlife too.

Luna Moth

Snapping turtle

The views were amazing!!

White Rock Clifff

Weverton Cliffs

Wolfman and Grey Cloud, AT Thru Hikers
We met some great people, hiked through an historic area of the country, learned a lot and challenged our fortitude in going the distance. 

We did learn some things about hiking on the trail. So next time, we will do things a little differently. Definitely lighten the load.  I'm looking into using a sleeping hammock instead of tent for my sleeping arrangement. I will also take less food, we were not big eaters along the way. And add duct tape to the packing list.

I am falling in love with the Appalachian Trail. The more I hike it, the more I want to hike. I have plans to hike about 50 miles from Southern Virginia into Tennessee this fall with my partner, Alan. After returning home and one week of rest, I have continued to train for my second hike.  I am determined to hike more miles a day and keep up better with Alan on this upcoming hike.

I'm planning on hiking the whole AT, one section at a time, over the next several years.  I will be looking for hiking partners, organizing future groups and family hikes. Are you interested in hiking a section?  Do you have a group that is interested?  Let me know. I can assist you in your planning needs.  Or come along with me as I hike my next section. :)

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